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5 health benefits of vacuum cleaning for you and your family

As with any chore, spending time vacuuming your home probably isn’t your idea of
fun. But this is probably the one household task you won’t want to ignore, because
regular vacuuming offers you and your family a whole host of health benefits. Here’s
how a regular vacuuming schedule can keep your family out of the doctor’s waiting

1. Provides allergy relief by eliminating pollutants and particles

Dirty carpets, sofa upholstery and even mattresses trap all sorts of respiratory irritants such as pet dander, dust mites as well as daily dust and dirt. When inhaled, they can aggravate allergies, causing annoying runny noses, sneezing and coughs. To beat the battle of the dreaded allergies, experts at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in America recommend that you vacuum your home once or twice a week with a good quality vacuum. This prevents the microscopic particles from being released back into the air. Now, you and your kids will breathe easier.

2. Eliminate dust mites

Your home might be infested with dust mites, but as these microscopic pests can’t be seen with the naked eye, you won’t even know they are present. They leave behind body fragments and feces which contribute to allergy attacks. It’s essential that your vacuum cleaner is able to get rid of these particles. However, not all vacuum cleaners can remove these microscopic specks, so for best results, look out for those that are qualified to do so effectively.

3. Gives you better skin

Besides causing respiratory allergies, household dirt particles circulating around the
home can also irritate sensitive skin, causing itch and rashes. So when you vacuum, use the different attachments to thoroughly suck up grim, dust and dirt on all surfaces in the house, including areas you may not have thought of, such as window sills, blinds, beneath the furniture, inside cupboards and drawers and even your computer keyboard. Your skin will thank you for keeping your home spick and span.

4. Improve your psychological health

If you’ve ever felt like a mental load has been lifted after a satisfying home cleaning
session, you are not alone. There are many studies documenting how keeping a clean and organized home has positive effects on stress levels in its inhabitants. While it may seem daunting to tidy up an entire home, start first with a thorough vacuum and once you start breathing in the clean, dust-free air, you might just be motivated to keep on going until everything is back in its proper place.

5. Provide you with adequate exercise

Surprise! You won’t have to haul yourself to the gym to clock in a good workout. All
you need to do is to take your vacuum cleaner for a spin around your home. A recent study found that vacuuming and scrubbing your floor provides enough exercise to protect your heart health and extend your lifespan. How’s that for effective multi-tasking?

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