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Pet Odor Be Gone

The heat is on here in the UAE and this means tans, cool drinks lots of sweat, not to

mention for us pet owners, the nasty smells circulating around the house.

Nevertheless, we are good people and there is no way we are going to leave Rover or Daisy outside all day. This means having to brave the smells caused by glands or oil on fur, odors that linger and cling to the fibers of sofas and carpets.

From air fresheners to steam cleaning, there are many different ways you can get rid of pet odor. Check out our top tips below for eliminating pet odor from your sofas and carpets and keeping your family and your pet happy.

Vacuum it away

Regular vacuum cleaning is definitely the fastest and most effective way to get rid of dirt and unwelcome bits that cause nasty smells. Pet vacuums designed with pet owners in mind are the best ones as they are powerful, durable, easy to use and strengthened with components to withstand the extra strain caused by pet hair. Some even have refillable floral scented tabs that leave rooms smelling clean and fresh.

Freshen your carpets

Unpleasant smells are a common problem for most pet owners, especially dog owners.Dog smell can be caused by a variety of triggers: glands behind their ears can cause a yeast like smell, and naturally produced oils on their fur, which helps keep hair and skin healthy, are common causes of odor you don’t want hanging around the house.

Sometimes vacuuming just is not enough. This is when carpets just need a good clean. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent---gently brush it into your carpet and leave it for half an hour. Once it’s soaked in, vacuum the carpet, and repeat if necessary until the odors have gone.

Au Natural is the way

A number of vets across Dubai are now extolling the virtues of switching up your pet’s diet to banish bad odors. The raw food diet is one that is advocated as it keeps teeth tartar-free, which means healthy gums and good breath. A lot pf processed dog food has unnatural ingredients so they also suggest home-cooked food or if that’s not convenient, an upgraded quality of meat-based food, with low-grain content that is soy-free.

Shampoo, rinse, repeat

If they are in need of a deeper clean, deodorizing shampoos are great for keeping pets clean and smelling great. Plant-sourced ingredients and sulphate-free formulas are recommended, as they are less harsh, soothe skin and relieve stress. Yes, pets have bad days too!

Steam clean

Want to get rid of pet smell and increase the lifespan of your carpet? Have you
considered steam cleaning? This may seem radical, but it will transform your carpets and make it feel as though they are brand new. This is not something you will want to do regularly, perhaps once a year. You may also want to avoid using a steam cleaner if you have puppy pee to clean up, as steam cleaners can set the stain for good.