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About Us

"As an inventor, I am passionate about creating products that you'll love using."

What drew you into design & engineering?

I loved mending things when I was little and fascinated by the way things were made. I would take toys apart and put them back together again to find out how they worked. Fast forward a few years and I was fitting windows on a very cold November day. I thought to myself "I'd really like an inside job", which is when I found a position with a floor-care company in their engineering department. That's where it all started.


What made you take the leap and start your own company?

My Dad started a metal-casting company when I was 7. He ran it for 3 years. I remember going into work with him and thinking how great it was that he owned a company. I wanted to do the same. I'd been planning Gtech for ages before I made the decision to go for it finally - I bought a computer-aided design station and saved up enough money to live on for 18 months.
People close to me knew it was something I wanted to do but it was a big deal for me to finally take the leap. Now my kids love to come into Gtech and walk round, especially my 6 year old.



What are three stand-out moments in Gtech's timeline?

I love working at Gtech the people are fantastic. The early days are probably the most emotive, because at that stage you have no guarantee that things are going to work out. I remember the reaction from my next-door neighbour when I gave her the first sweeper prototype to test - she wouldn't give it back and wanted to go and clean her mum's house and show it to her! It made me believe that it would be a success. That was the first. The second would be when I had a call from a guy in America. He said the sweeper was sold out everywhere and it was going to be massive. After I put the phone down I did a little dance in the hallway! And the third would be in 2012. We launched the AirRam and the Daily Mail gave us an incredible double page review- "10/10 Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever?"

Where do you see Gtech in 10 years' time?

I'd like Gtech to continue to improve and develop more products that people love to use. I've always loved Worcestershire and the team here are like family to me, I miss them when I'm away from the place.

"In the end, the best thing is that I really love coming into work."